Our History

Before 1966 the only AACA organization in this area was the North Carolina Region. Region members were scattered in, around and in-between Charlotte, Winston-Salem, High Point, Raleigh and Burlington. It was difficult and inconvenient to come together for regularly scheduled meetings.


Action started in 1966 to form an AACA Chapter of the North Carolina Region for the Winston-Salem area. Twelve active AACA Regional and National members submitted a request for a chapter charter for the Winston-Salem area. This request was accepted in late 1966 or early 1967. Each member had to pay national dues, regional dues and $5.00 chapter dues effective January 1967 to December 1967. With these dues, they were considered “Charter Members”. For many years the fall North Carolina Region meeting was held at Silas Creek Parkway Shopping Center. This was the largest AACA meeting in North Carolina.

A 1967 issue of AACA National’s Antique Automobile magazine shows North Carolina region as four Chapters: Alamance, Foot Hills, Land of The Sky, and Triangle. These Chapters were the only Chapters recognized by the AACA. The January-February 2011 recognized North Carolina Region with sixteen Chapters, including Old Salem. There are eight additional Regions in North Carolina that include Alamance, Foot Hills and Great Smoky Mountains (previously named Land of The Sky). Most, if not all the Regions, were previously connect with the North Carolina Region.

When the Winston-Salem AACA Chapter of the NC Region was first organized it was almost named the “Wachovia Chapter”. Thankfully, one of our charter members called Old Salem for permission to use our current name, the “Old Salem Chapter”. The Old Salem Chapter started out as a “Good Ol’Boys” chapter. The wives were involves in registration at the shows, and that was about it. This all changed when the Secretary of the NC Region, Clint Mabery, came to a meeting at Allen Martin’s home. Clint’s wife, Mabel, was the Treasurer and is believed to have been the first elected female in the NC Region. Clint asked why the club didn’t have more involvement from the wives, and with that, influenced the women in the club to become more active in all the outings and meetings. Some say this change helped to hold the club together.

On September 20, 1935, having obtained names and addresses of previous event participants, Fiala, and Abramson fired off a letter to each derby contestant asking if they would be interested in forming a club to promote the hobby of antique car collecting and to achieve greater derby recognition.  Accompanying the letter were reply cards, and most were returned in agreement.  

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HISTORY of the North Carolina Region of the AACA

Welcome to the Antique Automobile Club of America’s North Carolina Region. This Region was formed in 1954 and, with near 1,000 members, has become the largest Region in the AACA. The AACA is the largest antique auto club in the world and has many annual events. NC Region has hosted many of these national events such as driving tours, and shows or Meets. We have had two Grand National antique vehicle shows in the past decade. Most recently was the 2010 Grand National Meet in New Bern that was part of the 75th anniversary year celebration, and the 2011 Southeastern Divisional Tour was hosted in Wilmington. It was a three day coastal tour exploring the historic coastal areas and its beaches.

The North Carolina Region celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004 with a four-day Region tour open to members across the country. This tour was regarded as one of the best-run tours of its kind. The Region also holds an annual winter membership meeting that has become a model to which others aspire. This meeting offers a judging school, continuing judges education programs, and additional hobby-related programs over a two-day period. Because of our size and talent, the NC Region has had the honor of having multiple members hold offices in the AACA national organization.