Our good friends of OSC, Erinn Dearth & Dan Beckman from Letters From Home who performed at our Purple Heart Car Show pro bono will be doing this new show in Winston-Salem on August 20 & 21st as a fundraiser for Erinn’s Spring Theater that she founded maybe 4-5 years ago.  Come help them out, if you can!  Be great if we could “give a little something back to them” for helping us out at our car show!  They do great things for local kids and acting adults in the area! 

The 20th is our OSC meeting so that is out but Wednesday the 21st is when John and I will be going … the doors open at 6:15 and the show starts at 7:00 pm.  Would love to have some of you join us!  Checking on ticket information now to see if tickets are assigned seats or if we can sit anywhere together, will let you know.  They put on one heckuva show!  Lots of fun!  Let me know!

Tickets can be purchased individually and they are General Admission with no assigned seats, so we can sit together, wherever, when we get there.
Ruth Ann