Beginner’s Guide

New to building a website?  We were all beginners at one point.

What is involved with setting up a website?

1. (Optional) – Register a domain name.

What is a domain name?  Right now you are on the DKU Internet Services website, – our domain name is and it identifies us on the web.  This domain is made up of several parts – first is the Top Level Domain, or TLD (tld).  In our case, it is .com but it could be .net, .org, .us, or one of the many other “extensions” that are available.  Then is the Organizational Domain.  In our case, dkuis.  See our domain page for all of the selections we offer (almost all TLD’s).   Click here for a brief overview of domain names (opens in a new window.)  If you do not choose to register a domain, you must find a web host which will allow you to use a subdomain of theirs to host your site.  An example of a subdomain of is

2. Obtain hosting for your site.

What is hosting?  Websites are kept on computers known as servers.  Web hosts are businesses which have and maintain those servers, however you are responsible for maintaining your website.  Some web hosts offer free accounts for site, usually in exchange for placing advertising on your website.   Some hosts offer online tools to build your site with, otherwise you will need software on your computer for building your website.  DKU Internet Services offers an online tool for building sites which are not too complex.  For free hosting, DKU Internet Services provides a 1 page website with each domain purchased*, as well as paid hosting for the most complex sites imaginable.

3. Build your site.

There are 4 ways to build your site: 1) Use WordPress, easy to use by beginners and pros alike – learn about it at 2) Use an online website builder, such as DKU Internet Services has, 3) Use software which you install on your computer, we recommend NetObjects Fusion Essentials – it is free and does a great job for beginners, and 3) Hire a designer to build your site for you – DKU Internet Services offers design services.   For help on getting started with DKU’s online website builder, click here.

4. Promote your site.

So many ways exist to promote your site and get visitors.  Check this article out for some of the ways – The Web Marketing Checklist: 37 Ways to Promote Your Website

* DKU will host your site for free with a limit of 1 page.  


DKU Internet Services.  We’ve got you covered!

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